Travel Is A Great Opportunity For Communication 

 November 11, 2021

By  Mike Flannelly

Successful users of general and business aviation know you first need to recognize the possibilities. Now that's kind of generally unspecific until you look at your revenue sources, the transportation of your goods, products, and even services in relation to your client and production base of business. What traveling do you do, need, or should do? The world has changed, no doubt, technology optimized data transfer and life is recovering. Users of private aircraft understand the impact of in person and face-to-face communication as well as the comfort, security, and effectiveness private aviation offers. Do you see any possibilities?

Travel time and quality matter, business aviation reduces that time but doesn’t ignore cost, it just accounts for it! How far are your points of interest relative to aviation resources and not just the airline airports, look for all the airports in the area? Ground Travel time, the time you spend not in the air but before and after the air travel time. What are the possibilities there?

Airlines will continue to dominate the per/seat mile, low ticket market cost, to a point. General and business aviation user measure the all-important return on assets! At the end of the year if you’re making more than your spending, the travel is probably worth it! Your people are the greatest assets, principles for what is appropriate or affordable for travel, whether by aircraft of any other mode is entirely based on the value you expect to receive.

What do you think?


Mike Flannelly

Aviation Consultant

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