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Aircraft Feasibility

The feasibility analysis presents decision-makers the information needed to make air travel decision by establishing the baseline issues of cost and available alternatives.   One of the first things to recognize is that this does not necessarily mean the purchase or lease of an aircraft. The “USE” of an aircraft may be sufficient to meet specific needs.

The report shows what possible solutions are available and which one or ones are feasible based on unique company requirements.  Also, what the overall recommendations are as a result of the study process.

In order to measure a company’s travel need, the requirements of a “travel” matrix is developed to show not only how much traveling a company does, but also what it really needs and could do if it had a business aircraft. This data is then dissected to “build” the aircraft requirements and subsequent cost:

Our Process:

  • Input company’s travel requirements.
  • Construct framework of capability needed related to where and how aircraft will operate.
  • Ascertain operational requirements such as type, size, speed and range.
  • Choose aircraft that will best satisfy the company’s needs
  • Include for passenger comfort and amenities.
  • Initial purchase cost of the basic aircraft.
  • Annual operating cost of the aircraft.
  • Where and how the aircraft is maintained.

Your Result:

The aircraft feasibility study will provide a comprehensive and factual set of data that provides a measure between various aircraft within a cost range appropriate to the company’s concept of total ownership.  Comparing the true costs of travel by business aircraft measured in terms of value to the company.

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