What does it look like to use Business Aviation? 

 December 3, 2021

By  Mike Flannelly

The significant potential of business aviation comes from tracking business travel and illustrating the value private travel provides to a company. The bottom-line financial impact of travel is something that takes time to realize and recognize. To better understand what it looks like at the ground level means measuring it against your current standard. This is achieved through travel analysis of each trip and the business results sought. For analysis purposes a “trip” is defined as any transportation of personnel or materials needed for the conduct of business, we exclude normal shipping of products or materials in the course of production.  Local trips are also excluded (typically less than 70 to 120 statute miles depending on location

Your want to save time - use a Business Aircraft

Collected data should include executives, senior officers, managers, or other professional personnel and cargo requirements. Recording travel times and methods locally, and at destinations along and with meeting schedules determines real-life impact. Drive time, meeting length and delays represent a significant portion of what “makes up” a business trip. Knowing this information, we compare airline schedules and accommodations to those of business aircraft.

Obviously, results are going to vary based on individual company requirements, goals, and resources but without a benchmark to measure against you have no means of validation. Let's take a look at a real-life scenario for one executive and his team of a mid-west company. Below is a chart of 8 months of travel throughout The United States. When we compare the airline travel to an appropriate category and class of business aircraft the following are the results attained:

Time savings of Business Aircraft vs. Airline

Ground Travel Time Saved

Air Travel Time Saved

Total Travel Time Saved

Productive   Hours Saved

Non-Business Hours Away

174 hrs.

41 hrs.

215 hrs.

122 hrs

416 hrs.

When applied to their daily routine what this truly broke down to was 14 nights away from home saved and 6 full days spent in the office, not in airline terminals, hotels or rental car driving from point A to point B. Now this is only a small piece of the puzzle when determining if business aviation is appropriate, but it is vital to the decision-making process.

So how much traveling time are you spending?

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