Private Aviation for Travel Revenue and good Relationships 

 November 18, 2021

By  Mike Flannelly

If you know how travel impacts revenue, and more importantly relationships, then you have the information needed to improve your strategies, tactics, and channels. Travel to do business and for business. Flying 3, 5 or 700 hundred miles in 2 to 3 hours opens a lot of possibilities for your client base in addition to suppliers. General Aviation can take you hundreds of miles or thousands. You can ride 4 in a small single piston airplane or 1 to hundreds in heavy turbine jet equipment.

It’s well worth the effort to accurately identify how your travel activity, or lack of, impacts your bottom line. Private airplanes typically fall into the trap of “vanity” before their utility are considered. Let's face it, unless you're associated with someone or something connected to business aviation you typically only see the jets and limo’s side of the industry.

Lite general aviation is a modest way to get into business aviation and travel. It’s also likely where most of the current user of heavy turbine equipment companies started. Sam Walton is a glaring example but certainly not an outlier.

Light piston aircraft aren’t “jetting off” to exotic places but they are great local and regional means of transportation in the 250 to 700 mile range.  Light jets can shuttle you on a thousand or so mile trip with greater capacity and speed. From there the capacity and range reach around the globe.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing, virtual Interactivity is at an all-time high, but at what cost to your peace of mind and business?

Take care,


Mike Flannelly

Aviation Consultant

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