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Aviation Consultant has been helping owners, executives and individuals use Business/Private Aircraft for over 25 years.

What is Business Aviation?

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Our role is to listen, advise, monitor or guide your investment in business travel in ways which best serves your mission.   Aviation Consultant provides a full range of business aviation support to organizations seeking knowledge and expertise of aviation.

The mission of Aviation Consultant Corp is to:

  • Make a positive and measurable differences in the business success of our clients.
  •  Provide a knowledgeable, effective and encouraging team.
  • Offer professional individual relationships.
  • Provide solutions that multiply capabilities
  • Present options that complement diverse travel needs.

We have reached our goal when our clients have achieved something more than before we worked together.  From general information and basic planning to comprehensive technical and financial evaluations of aviation.

Over 25 years our insightful consults have helped organization’s deal with the day to day challenges of business aviation and the services that support those aviation needs.  We are actively engaged in the operational side of the industry enabling us to provide focused, prudent and credible recommendations on cost/benefit/feasibility relationships of your priorities and business aviation.


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The Business Aviation Services offered by Aviation Consultant Corp. are founded in the years of experience, technical expertise and implementation.  With our resources we facilitate companies evaluation, creation and maintenance of aviation operations. Utilizing our expertise allows you to have immediate expert guidance.  Enjoy the same advantages operators of business aircraft enjoy without the expense, hassles or numerous pitfalls that await the unfamiliar.

You may or may not know about the full advantages of business aircraft.  Talk to us about performing an analysis based on your  requirements and learn if a business aircraft could benefit your organization.  Maybe you already feel comfortable with your decision to delve into aviation but do not have the time, personnel or experience to undertake this on your own!  We can help with that.


We are working for YOUR success.

Mike had a 25+ year career in aviation as flight instructor, line pilot in the busy Northeast Corridor of the US and consultant. This simultaneous education and piloting experience shaped his career and understanding of aviation as a business tool.

Michael Flannelly


Markus is a data analyst and developer with 5+ years of experience in building tools and processes that deliver business insights for better decision making. His skillset applied to business aviation is delivering  precise answers backed by science.

Markus Markowich


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