Travel Analysis

When entering the world of business aviation, an organization must carefully evaluate and determine how, if at all, aircraft could contribute to operational capabilities. The goal of the Travel Analysis is to determine who goes where, how often and at what cost and compare it against business aviation. Determine the companies true transportation needs and what aircraft (if any) will supply the flexibility and productivity at a cost that is realistic bases on financial resources and goals.

What will be accomplished is a two fold gain in knowledge: First is a database of information about the travel patterns of the company. Second, the ability to determine how to meet those requirements with the appropriate aircraft (including airlines).

Initially, the travel sample should include executive, other senior officer or special personnel, later include cargo requirements as well as the opportunity to bring clients to your facilities.  An important note to in mind; this group composition can/will change with your companies needs.

Also, current needs may overlook trips that are not being conducted for the lack of convenient or acceptable means of transportation which the business aircraft could serve.

Finally, what degree of satisfaction, performance or results are you getting out of current travel methods?

Once this has been accomplished and the need has been identified, (or eliminated) the process of quantifying the value of business aviation begins.

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