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 October 28, 2021

By  Mike Flannelly

Welcome to the redesigned aviation consultant site.  We appreciate you stopping by.  Tell us what you’re looking for and well find your answers or point you in the right direction!

We believe strongly that greater business success can be achieved using aircraft when the same consistent principles and ideals are applied that got you to where you are today.  The same ones that allow you greater success commercially by doing more of the right things the right way.

Strategic and Tactical initiatives are constantly reviewed, ranked, and measured for effectiveness, why not the use of aircraft for business travel? What combination of Purpose, Subject Matter, Audience, Timing, or Outcome is sufficient to reach "justification" of private/personal travel? How much will this cost and is it worth it?

Master salesmen know when a prospect says, "we can't afford it; it's not in the budget" what the prospect actually means is: "You haven't made a compelling enough case to allocate funds to what you're selling."  This applies to both internal and external priorities, assuming I have the financial ability to do so, using those same resources for something other than the need for in person, face to face communication.

Aviation Consultant is most often used when a company needs an outside, expert opinion regarding a strategic travel decision.  These function as a path to information and knowledge that limits risk, financial outlay, and typically greater speed of implantation. 

In the coming weeks we’ll stop by with business and aviation insight, discussions, and profiles.

“Why should I use my resources to travel on a private aircraft as opposed to the airlines?”

Sign up for our newsletter or bookmark the page and just stop by on Friday before your work exit.  We’ll look to answer those sorts of questions with you.

Take Care,


Mike Flannelly

Aviation Consultant

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