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Aircraft Acquisitions

Aviation Consultant Corp are not salespeople! We do not sell or represent any one particular aircraft manufacturer. We assist you through the aircraft acquisition process and purchase.

Buying or leasing  an aircraft is like any other capital piece of equipment… you must understand completely what you’re receiving prior to committing to it. If you buy wrong, then you will never realize the full potential of what business aircraft can provide.

Aircraft acquisitions are more than just financing, there are essentially three parts to an aircraft, each equally important as well as expensive that must be considered when purchasing, these are:

1. the Engines
2. the Airframe
3. the Avionics

Each has significant financial implications when it comes to the operational flexibility and use of your future airplane. There are regulatory and safety considerations that must be accounted for prior to making a commitment. Modern aircraft are very efficient, wonderful pieces of equipment; however, they have a life limit for safety reasons, plus they are maintained to a very specific standard.

The engines of an airplane can mean tens of thousands to millions of dollars in difference based upon the condition at time of acquisition. Engines that have more hours until the next inspection are going to cost you more than those that are nearing the replace, repair or overhaul time life.

The same applies to the airframe of an aircraft, mandatory inspection, and life limited parts or other safety aspects that must be dealt with on a time basis either, calendar and/or flight time.

Avionics have always been about how your flight crew navigates the airplane. With the advent of the “glass cockpits”, installation, upgrades and maintenance have become even more important and potentially costly.

All greatly impact the final price, understand the implications before signing the check.

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