Have You Ever Considered A Business Aircraft For Your Company?

Find out how Fractional Business Aircraft Ownership can benefit you and your team.

Owning and Operating A Business Aircraft is a Challenge

The acquisition and operation of Business Aircraft is a highly sophisticated and technical field. Do you know about all the technical requirements, regulations, legal and financial implications? Most likely not. That's where we shine. Contact us Today!

No Time, Too Much Data

Data, experience and knowledge are drivers of the decision making process for owning a share of a business aircraft. Most business don't have the time and right resources for proper planning an implementation.

We Got You Covered

 Our experienced aviation consultants can assess your needs individually and develop a plan that helps you to own an operate your share of a business aircraft so you can spend your time better.

A business Aircraft can be more affordable than you think. Learn more.

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Benefits of an Aircraft Fractional Share


Shared aircraft are typically managed by professionals. All you need to do is get to your destination.


If you are only planning on using private aviation a few times out of the year, fractional shares are a great option.


Fractional shares offer shorter-term commitments, which gives you more flexibility in your budget.

How we complete Your Project?


Gathering The Data

First, we will need to know all the information that will determine your business aircraft and how to operate it. In a nutshell: How many people are flying how often from where to where? To answer those questions our experienced Aviation Consultants are here to assist you.


You Can Lean Back

Based on the Data, we will do the heavy lifting. We figure out the aircraft suitable to cover most of your travel needs. We will also gather information about ownership models, financial modeling, tax and legal implications, and most importantly the operational aspects of your aircraft. 


Get A Report

When our work is done you will receive a selection of multiple aircraft that will suit your needs including a detailed blueprint on how to operate them. Additionally, our materials will provide all the information you need for proposals to your investors and financial institutions.

Don't Forget To Download Our Guide

To get you started, we created a comprehensive guide to educate you on the most important aspects regarding business aviation and fractional aircraft ownership.

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