What are you spending on Corporate Travel?

Our Travel Analysis will give you a clear picture of your expenses and point you in the right direction going forward.

Know your Travel Needs

Business Air Travel is an absolute requirement in today's competitive environment as most large deals are done in person. But also the maintenance of close relationships with customers and clients requires an agile team at all times. However, not all trips via aircraft deliver the expected return on invest.

At this point many years of experience and knowledge about possible alternatives to regular business airlines will make a difference for a maximum ROI on you Corporate Travel Budget.

Especially, in the wake of the current public health crisis many airlines have reduced their services which may require a different travel strategy an the consideration of potentially owning and operating a private aircraft to keep you and you team mobile and safe.

Get in touch and find out how Aviation Consultant Corp. can help you achieve your goals and travel faster and safer.

The Problem

Many organizations only have a vague idea of where their money is going when it comes to expenses related to business aviation. Internal complexities, an overwhelming amount of data, and the lack of knowledge about alternatives to business airlines oftentimes prevent actions to improve the corporate travel operations.

The Solution

Our Aviation Consultants can help you to get the most value out of every dollar spent on business air travel. Our individual approach caters to the unique situation in your company and includes all stakeholders in the process. 

In combination with a thorough analysis of data you already have on hand we conduct individual interviews with employees, to find out what your team's needs truly are. Based on this input we will go out and find the best air travel options that are with in your budget.

Our goal is to give you a clear roadmap on how to implement better business aviation practices.

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