Who Uses Business Aviation

Who Uses Business Aviation?

To the casual observer business aviation may look like extravagance, however, business aviation and the use of business aircraft is not the indulgence of the wealthiest, or the toy of the upper echelons of management.  It is an asset and tool to some of the most successful enterprises.

Those who use business aviation exploit the value of expanding their productivity and flexibility of the work day.  Its a safe bet that someone in every industry and every profession operates business aircraft every day to go somewhere.

Lets examine some statistics from the Fortune 500, the giants of the business world. History shows that for all the changes in the listing of the F500, one thing remains constant. The ratio of those business that operate aircraft -vs-those that do not is 2 to 1. And, of the 29 standard industrial classification in the F500, only one does not operate an aircraft.

These numbers by themselves are meaningless, however, the performance of these companies is not. The operators of aircraft employ 86% of the estimated 12.4 million employees in the F500. Sales are 26% higher, net income per employee 102% higher, Assets 2.2 trillion vs 198 billion. Although you cannot fully contribute these differences to business aviation, the correlation bears at least consideration.

By far, the majority of business aircraft operators, like the majority of companies, are not Fortune 500 companies at all, but are characterized as small to medium in size organizations. These are the companies that recognize the importance and need of getting the right people in front of the customer when it counts. A survey of 346 business aircraft passengers (conducted by Louis Harris & Associates, Inc.), shows who the aircraft were operate for:

  • Top managers 14 %
  • Middle managers 49 %
  • Technical or professional 19 %
  • The remaining passengers characterized as other types.

As stated “someone in every industry and every profession operates business aircraft”, but you can group Business Aviation into the following groups.

  • Management section
  • Business Shuttle
  • Customer Relations
  • Emergency Service
  • Marketing Blitzes
  • Public Relations

Why use Business Aviation ??

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