What is Business Aviation

What is Business Aviation?

In the strictest sense Business Aviation is classified as the USE of any “general aviation” aircraft not flown by the airlines or military for purpose of conducting business.  It can be the smallest single engine Cessna or Piper all the way up to Boeing Business Jets.  For the business owner, executive or director business aviation is first a productivity tool, then 2nd, a travel option used to further your business interest.

Answer yourself this question;  What do I picture when I think of Business/Corporate Aviation ??

If you are like 90% of the world you pictured a big expensive jet with a limousine park next to it. About 1% of the time you would be correct. There are approximately 300,000 “general aviation” aircraft in the United States. This includes the smallest single engine airplane to that large business jet you pictured. They fly million upon million of hours each year and according to Federal Aviation Administration statistics 61% of all use of General Aviation aircraft is for business purposes.

What it is, is an effective way for business to take advantage of the tools available to them.

Who Uses Business Aviation ?

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