Intangible Advantages of Business Aviation

Intangible Advantages of Business Aviation

An area that seldom, if ever, is considered is the mental and physical effectiveness of travelers. When subject to stress and abnormal schedules the effectiveness of individuals begins to be degraded.   Although the degree may vary, it is significant enough to be a factor.   There are seven elements of mental and physical performance that contribute to overall effectiveness of executive and professional personnel.  These are listed below with a brief description of how each is important.

  1. Utilization of intellect in evolving answers and arriving at solutions to objectives of meeting.
  2. Preservation of stamina in becoming more persistent with less compromise of objectives that other participants in he meeting who have traveled by slower or more tiring alternate means.
  3. Exercise of initiative in evolving and expressing viewpoints which are pertinent to corporate objective of meeting. Maintenance of patience in analyzing views of other attendees and evidencing respect for their views regardless of inner feelings.
  4. Reliability of perceptions in analyzing the motives and contributions of other attendees.
  5. Alertness to opportunities in exploiting the developing themes as they evolve during meetings of partners and/or antagonist.
  6. Measure of total effectiveness with respect to achieving objectives concerning results from the meeting.

With enhanced mental and physical Effectiveness, the ability to successfully complete objectives increases.  This increase could be converted to either productivity and/or time saved thus a quantifiable benefit.  However, the primary benefit, enhanced performance, is the real objective sought.

Utilization of time while traveling is largely a degree of personnel inclination and motivation.  The completion of unfinished work, or meeting if traveling with company is common, however, en-route work in business aircraft is enhanced over commercial airline travel for several reasons:

  1. Full privacy allows open reference to and use of proprietary information and materials.
  2. Full opportunity for open discussions between members of a firm or with clients without risk of exposure of being overheard or a compromise of proprietary information.
  3. Improved opportunity for air to ground communications Modern aircraft cabins can be equipped with computers, fax, photo copiers and phones that enable you to work as though in your office.
  4. More available time to devote to working, no waiting after take off and less time to clean up before landing.
  5. Enhancement of customer relations is yet another area in which business aviation can contribute significantly.

The ability to meet the transportation needs of customers or potential customers can improve the prestige and relationship of clients with the company.   Some examples may include:

Transportation to and/or from a sales promotion, industry symposium, trade show, professional seminar, or other related event.  Attendance at an event sponsored by the business aircraft owner such as a visit to the factory, or business facility, to which selected attendance can be encouraged by availability of business aircraft transportation, and;  An emergency transportation need for whatever reason.

Because your are able to see more people, go more places in less time, are physically and psychologically more prepared you are making more and better informed decisions than is possible without business aviation. Can you Benefit from Business Aviation ??

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