Business Aviation Overview

Business Aviation Overview

The Mission of Business Aviation is:  Availability and  Efficiency!  This is quite different from the  airlines which are profit driven.  It’s a critical distinction when you begin evaluating business aviation.

Business Aviation provides a variety of transportation as well as a communication functions that, once instituted, become indispensable to company operations.  Companies have been utilizing aircraft for over 60 years for purposes as diverse as business itself. Corporate travel and Business Aviation is an integral system of corporate structure regardless of the company’s basic function.

How many times has this happened?

  • Three or more passengers traveled together in business class or first class;
  • Airline delays or problems caused you to miss or reschedule client meeting;
  • Airline schedule meant a large part of a working day spent to catch a flight;
  • Inconvenient airline flight schedule required leaving a day early or stay overnight to catch an early morning flight;
  • The ability to work effectively in a group was essential while in flight;
  • Traveling to multiple locations within a short time period — on a road show, for instance.
  • Traveled to remote areas required a significant portion of travel be done by car.
  • Scheduled airline routing required you to change aircraft at airport where delays are frequent or probable?

Deciding how to travel whether it’s via the Airlines, Business Aviation or even driving involves many considerations.  Consider some of the following and ask yourself if you have real answers to these questions.

1. Does how we travel reveal anything about our performance?
2. What effect does traveling have on performance and productivity?
3. Are there advantages to planning HOW we travel?

Analysis is the first logical step in determining “true” transportation impact or needs.  What methods will supply the flexibility and productivity to match your requirements?  While several of the benefits of business aircraft are tangible and measurable, some are challenging to quantify precisely.  Consider all the costs and value all the benefits of every travel option before deciding how to go.

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