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Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management is the supervision of the flying, maintaining, housing and use of aircraft. To the unfamiliar it may might seem simple, however, there are a litany of items that must be addressed and handled on a regular basis to ensure safety in addition to regulatory compliance.

Aviation and Aircraft Management is more than just the aircraft acquisition and piloting, those are merely steps in the use of business aviation. Aircraft Management done right is an increasingly sophisticated and technical field that requires exacting and constant refinement of skills.

Most duties are the responsibility of a Director of Flight Operations. Do you want to employ this staff or do you want someone else to handle these issues for you? Aircraft Management can be done internally or sub-contracted out but finding answers has proven to be difficult to those unfamiliar with demands of the modern aviation users. Some of the basic topics that any good aircraft manager will ensure you are familiar with are:

  • Safe Operation of Aircraft
  • Financial Management and Control
  • Staffing & Training of Flight Department Personnel
  • Documentation and Support Services
  • Setting Up Shop
  • Choosing a Home Base

Aviation Consultant Corp will be happy to help you locate qualified Aviation Management personnel or even “manage” it for you.   Aviation Consultant Corp. provides a complete inventory of business aviation services that are beneficial to the novice or professional alike. To the beginner we are the experienced veterans; to the professionals we are the trusted resource.

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