About Aviation Consultant Corp

About Aviation Consultant Corp.

Our role is to listen, advise, monitor and guide your investment in business travel in ways that best serve your organization’s mission.   Aviation Consultant Corp provides a full range of business aviation support to those organizations seeking knowledge and expertise of aviation.

The mission of Aviation Consultant Corp is to:

  • Make a positive and measurable differences in the business success of our clients.
  • Deliver the benefit and contribution of aviation it’s proven to provide.
  • Provide a knowledgeable, effective and encouraging team.
  • Offer professional individual relationships.
  • Limiting expenditure of resources.
  • Provide solutions that multiply capabilities while
  • Present options that complement diverse travel needs.

When our clients have achieved something more than before we worked together, we have reached our goal.

From general information and basic planning of aviation to comprehensive technical and financial evaluations.  Services include feasibility studies, financial analysis, project management and nearly any aspect of aviation.

With over 25 years of experience our insightful consults help organization’s deal with the day to day challenges of the business of aviation and the services that support those aviation needs.  Our background and experience, along with the fact that we are actively engaged in the operational side of the industry, enables us to provide prudent and credible recommendations.  We focus on the cost/benefit/feasibility relationship of your priorities and goals.

History of projects include such things as:

  • Certification process for airline and charter operation.
  • Evaluations and implementation of company travel needs and plans.
  • Complete infra-structure set up from simple flight schools to complex manufacturing operations.
  • Selection, evaluation and delivery of most class’s of aircraft.
  • Aviation Consultant Corp can help your company determine if aviation can enhance that business. We are dedicated to helping meet your needs affecting corporate travel and management.

Aviation Consultant provides the knowledge, technical expertise and resources of a full time aviation staff without the expense.

Excellence in Aviation