Aviation Consultant

Aviation Consultant Corp assists owners, executives and managers with determining how private aviation enhances business.  Business Aviation and the use of the private airplane is a tool used by some of the most successful entrepreneurs and organization in the world.  It is used because the benefits received are real and tangible.  Business aviation serves a diverse cross section of business whether they need to move employees, product or customers hundreds of miles or thousands of miles.

Business travel correlates to effectiveness, efficiency, revenue and profits.  The method, cost and burden of business travel, or lack there of, impacts your organizations value of stakeholders, employee’s, clients or service(s).

Why do companies have their employees travel?
Why do customers come to your facilities?
The answer: To do Business!

From general information and basic planning to comprehensive technical and financial evaluations of business aviation.  Aviation Consultant Corp provides business the aviation services and support to those seeking knowledge of private aviation.

Our experience will make you and your company more efficient and productive. We are dedicated to helping you meet your travel, management and business goals.  Need to know what your best options are concerning charter, lease, purchase, management or a share of business aircraft? Need the knowledge, technical expertise and resources of a full time aviation staff without the expense?

Corporate and Business Aircraft greatly enhance business operations, effectiveness and profitability.  Even small companies realize great time and cost savings by utilizing private aviation over commercial aviation services.  Business Aircraft are a travel option many assume are only for “the rich”, their mistaken.  The general perception of aviation and airplanes typically falls into three categories;

1. The airline’s, how you get long distances without having to drive.
2. The military, the guys that keep us safe with the bombers and fighters – we use them when we go to war.
3. The last is that of the wealthy people. They have the millions upon millions to be able to afford the private jets.

Whether you’re experienced,  new or just interested in what aviation for business has to offer then Aviation Consultant Corp will help, we provide the resources of a full time aviation staff without the expense.

We have helped many make the same determination that business aviation can enhance your business.

Get in touch and together we will determine how we can help you.